NightsBridge Midnight Luxury Memory Foam 12 Inch Mattress

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Engineered to deliver true luxury and pampering in an all-foam package. Enjoy a medium feel, balanced with ergonomic support. Perfect for those desiring cushioned comfort and a supportive sleep surface. The Midnight Foam mattress utilizes premium foams for unrivaled contouring comfort that will keep foam mattress lovers dreaming all night long.

No need to wait for better sleep: fast, easy delivery. NightsBridge Midnight mattresses are quickly shipped right to your doorstep with no hassles so you can enjoy a better sleep right away.

Buy with confidence 

All Nightsbridge mattresses have a 10 Year Limited Warranty so you can trust our high quality products will last. Our foam is CertiPUR-US Certified and complies to all rigorous testing standards.

Sleep safely with no harmful chemicals. Our CertiPUR-US polyurethane foam is made without dangerous materials, heavy metals, or formaldehyde, with low amounts of VOCs.

Dare to Compare

Take a look at how the NightsBridge Midnight Collection Mattresses stack up against Tempur-ProAdapt® mattresses.


Midnight Collection

Indulge in luxurious, blissful comfort and all over body support. Our customized cover provides temperature-regulation so you can fall asleep faster. Our pressure- relieving premium foams with motion isolation ensure your sleep is undisturbed so you can stay asleep longer.

What is Midnight Luxury?

Luxury Dual-Choice Cooling Cover with SensICE™

Cool-to-the-touch outer cover with SensICE ™ cooling technology reduces body temperature on contact and helps maintain optimum sleeping temperature so you fall asleep faster as your body cools down.

Kelv-Cool™ Graphite-Infused High Density Memory Foam

Graphite Infusion creates thermal conductivity for effective and efficient heat dissipation, delivering a cooler sleep throughout the night.

High Density 4.PhaseVisco™ Memory Foam

Provides pampering with contouring comfort, less tossing and turning due to relieved pressure points, and motion absorption for less sleep disturbance between partners and deeper sleep.

Q4.Phase Dynamic Core™

Zoned, PocketedCoils dynamically start working the instant weight is applied, reacting individually and in combination to respond to your body movements and generate airflow while you sleep.

All-Night Support+™ Foam

Delivers support in balance with comfort for a superior support layer that is resistant to body impressions.

No harmful chemicals

All foam is proudly made in the U.S.A. and Certi-PUR® Certified to comply to all rigorous testing standards.