NightsBridge 12-Inch Firm Hybrid Mattress

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  • 10-year warranty & money-back guarantee
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No need to wait for better sleep: fast, easy delivery. Nightfall mattresses are quickly shipped right to your doorstep with no hassles so you can enjoy a better sleep right away.

Buy with confidence. All Nightsbridge mattresses have a 10 Year Limited Warranty so you can trust our high quality products will last. Our foam is CertiPUR-US Certified and complies to all rigorous testing standards.

Dare to Compare

Take a look at how the NightsBridge Nightfall Collection Mattresses stack up against popular Bed-In-A-Box brands.

Nightfall: Experience Luxury delivered right to your door

Our innovative manufacturing process means your mattress is compressed airtight at our U.S. factory and shipped in a box for easy delivery and set up. Our Nightfall collection offers cooling comfort and responsive support in your choice of either Plush or Firm feel.

What is Nightfall Luxury?

Kelv-Cool™ Graphite-Infused High Density Memory Foam

Graphite Infusion creates thermal conductivity for effective and efficient heat dissipation, delivering a cooler sleep throughout the night.

GEL-Cool™ Gel-Infused High Density Memory Foam with LumbarZone™

All the pressure-relieving properties of Memory Foam with Gel Infusion for temperature control. Additional back and lumbar support for enhanced performance.

Dynamic-Response™ MicroCoil Cool Compression Layer

Many tiny coils independently conform to body contours. Dynamically support the body for the perfect balance of comfort and support.

High-Resilience All-Night Comfort+™ Foam

Dynamic response for immediate comforting feel and relaxation with resistance to body impressions.

All-Night Support+™ Foam

Delivers support in balance with comfort for a superior support layer that is resistant to body impressions.

No harmful chemicals

All foam is proudly made in the U.S.A. and Certi-PUR® Certified to comply to all rigorous testing standards.



OMG. This mattress is heaven. I have back problem which is really hard to find a matters to sleep on and don’t feel the pain. If you are anything like me then it’s for you. I recommend this 100. Comfy, and very sorted.

North Carolina

Just what the doctor ordered - love it.

Richmond, VA

Amazing mattress! My partner and I sleep so much better and I don’t feel him tossing and turning. This mattress has made a world of a difference for us.

Johnstown, PA

Very pleasant experience. The mattress arrived on time was packaged very well. The mattress fit perfect and is very comfortable.

Raymond, NH