About NightsBridge

Luxurious Comfort Without The Extravagant Price Tag

For those of you who expect more. You know who you are - you appreciate life’s luxuries. The only thing stopping you from ending your day in a cozy-chic bed is the premium price tag.

That’s why we created a high-end mattress that rivals any of the top-of-the-line options in every way except for the price. Finally, a luxury mattress that will satisfy your indulgent side but with a price that will appeal to your sensible side. For anyone who expects the very best - even when you are fortunate enough to be paying less.

Midnight Collection

Our top of the line collection offers the Ultimate in Cooling, Customized Comfort and Support.

Twilight Collection

The Cooling Comfort and Responsive Support you want with the feel and thickness options that you need.

Nightfall Collection

Cooling comfort and support sealed air tight in our U.S. Factory and delivered right to your door.